Reflections: 2nd Annual Native Women’s Business Summit

On Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th I attended the 2nd annual Native Women’s Business Summit organized by Native Women Lead. It was a well-attended event hosted at Isleta Resort and Casino, with panels and activities ranging from how to elevate your business through social media to “smashing the patriarchy,” a panel on how... Continue Reading →

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Red River, White Law

In the last two years, the Ganga and Yamuna Rivers were granted legal personality by the High Court of Uttarakhand, India;[1] the Te Awa Tupuawas declared a ‘legal entity’ as part of a settlement between the New Zealand Crown and the Whanganui iwi people;[2] and environmentalists brought an action on behalf of the Colorado River... Continue Reading →

Reflections: Voice Within Two Systems

The last Friday of March 2019, the Tribal Law Journal hosted a symposium for its 20thAnniversary. At the event, a documentary, “Tribal Justice” was screened. “Tribal Justice” follows the narratives of two female tribal judges working toward asserting a different voice and solutions to problems affecting their respective tribes. The film’s narrative centers on two... Continue Reading →

Counter Narrative: A Narrative of Stewardship

Tribal Law Journal Staff attended “Counter Narrative: Manifest Larceny”, a lecture presented by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center on March 27, 2019. The lecture was part of a larger series that provides a platform for viewpoints that differ from mainstream media and history. Speakers at the event were Helen Padilla, Director of the American Indian... Continue Reading →

Restorative Justice and the Community: Tribal Justice

            Community, restoration, and balance: these are the goals and tenets of Peacemaking in tribal courts.[1]Peacemaking is centered on customary and traditional laws and the values of the community.[2]Through these values and traditional laws, Peacemaking courts reconnect individuals to their communities and the values within those communities.[3]The judge in a Peacemaking Court seeks to help the... Continue Reading →

Resistance and Wellness: A Summary of “Zapatista women inspire the fight against patriarchy”[1]

In 2018, female members of the Zapatistas hosted an event, for women and children only, on International Women’s Day that drew 7,000 people.[2]They called it the “First International Political, Artistic, Sports, and Cultural Encounter for Women who Struggle.”[3]The event raised awareness about issues specific to women, allowed for network building, and “gave space to consider... Continue Reading →

NNALSA 18th Annual Writing Competition

Due Friday, March 1st at 11:59 PM EST by email to Joseph Byrd at The topic this year is "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women." Must be NNALSA dues-paying members and include the Competitor Form. Officials Rules and Competitor Form can be found here.

Blog Call for Submissions

Yá'át'ééh, The Tribal Law Journal invites you to contribute to our online blog this semester! The Tribal Law Journal is an online forum providing free access to the community with opportunity for comment and discussion.  Please see the attached document for submission guidelines.  We hope to hear from you!  Sincerely,  The Tribal Law Journal Carmen Borja and Jordan Oglesby... Continue Reading →

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