CALL FOR PAPERS: Volume 20, Tribal Law Journal 20th Anniversary Issue  20th Anniversary Issue – Traditional Dispute Resolution Article In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Tribal Law Journal, is seeking to publish an academic article about Peacemaking, or other Traditional Dispute Resolution System, in tribal courts.   The Tribal Law Journal is Seeking... Continue Reading →

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Call for Papers: Volume 20, Tribal Law Journal 20th Anniversary Issue: 20th Anniversary Dual Language Issue - Navajo Nation Essay In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Tribal Law Journal, the Law and Indigenous Peoples Program and the Tribal Law Journal are seeking to publish a scholarly essay regarding a legal issue faced by the... Continue Reading →

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Native Islanders and Voting

Last week, Julian Aguon posted on Facebook exciting news. Agoun is the owner of Blue Ocean Law on the island of Guam. Aguon is famously known for his work throughout the Pacific region and specializes in sovereignty, self-determination, and international law.   Guam restricts certain voting issues to native inhabitants. In the case of Davis... Continue Reading →

Reflections on a talk by Mishauna Goeman

On Wednesday, September 19th at the University of New Mexico's Zimmerman Library, Professor Mishuana Goeman, Tonowanda Band of Seneca, presented a project called Razing the Monumetalizing That Marks Us For Death, which unpacked the geographies and memories depicted in films about murdered and missing indigenous women.  At her talk at UNM, Professor Goeman, who is... Continue Reading →

Co-Editor in Chiefs: Roshanna Toya & Anne Bruno

Roshanna Toya, a member of the Pueblo of Isleta in New Mexico, is a rising 2L and will be the Co-Editor-in-Chief during the 2018-2019 school year. Before coming to law school, Roshanna worked for 10 years in juvenile justice, focusing on issues affecting tribal youth incarcerated in state facilities. She has also present the past... Continue Reading →

Managing Editor: Ernestine Chaco

Ya’at’eeh. To’ahani Nishli. Haaltsooi bashishchiin. Nakaii Dine’e dashicheii. Kinyaa’aani dashinali. Hello. I am Near-the-Water born for the Meadow People. My maternal grandfather is of the Mexican Clan. My paternal grandfather is of the Towering House clan. This is how we, the Navajo, introduce ourselves. I am from Standing Rock, NM with a population of 400... Continue Reading →

Submissions Editor: Savanna Duran

Savanna, a Rising 3L, will be the Submissions Editor starting in the Fall of 2018. She is most looking forward to reading the new articles submitted for publication and getting to know the incoming TLJ board and staff. Savanna joined TLJ because she wanted to be in the Southwest Indian Law Clinic and thought that... Continue Reading →

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