Co-Editor in Chiefs: Roshanna Toya & Anne Bruno

Roshanna Toya, a member of the Pueblo of Isleta in New Mexico, is a rising 2L and will be the Co-Editor-in-Chief during the 2018-2019 school year. Before coming to law school, Roshanna worked for 10 years in juvenile justice, focusing on issues affecting tribal youth incarcerated in state facilities. She has also present the past... Continue Reading →


Managing Editor: Ernestine Chaco

Ya’at’eeh. To’ahani Nishli. Haaltsooi bashishchiin. Nakaii Dine’e dashicheii. Kinyaa’aani dashinali. Hello. I am Near-the-Water born for the Meadow People. My maternal grandfather is of the Mexican Clan. My paternal grandfather is of the Towering House clan. This is how we, the Navajo, introduce ourselves. I am from Standing Rock, NM with a population of 400... Continue Reading →

Submissions Editor: Savanna Duran

Savanna, a Rising 3L, will be the Submissions Editor starting in the Fall of 2018. She is most looking forward to reading the new articles submitted for publication and getting to know the incoming TLJ board and staff. Savanna joined TLJ because she wanted to be in the Southwest Indian Law Clinic and thought that... Continue Reading →

Tribal Legal Preparedness Project

The University of Pittsburgh (PITT) Graduate School of Public Health has just launched their Tribal Legal Preparedness Project. After several years of communication and listening sessions with Tribal Nations, PITT Graduate School of Public Heath and the CDC have created this free resource to help tribes within the U.S. enhance their preparedness plans for public health emergencies. For... Continue Reading →

Multimedia Editor: Kaythee Hlaing

Kaythee Hlaing is a second-year student at UNM School of Law. She expects to graduate in the spring of 2019.  Currently, a staff member of the Tribal Law Journal, she will start her new position as the Multimedia Editor. Having worked as a photojournalist in a prior life to law school, she looks forward to... Continue Reading →

Symposium Co-Editor: Brittany Edwards

Brittany is a third year law student who will be graduating in May 2018. Over her summer as a law clerk an attorney advised her of the importance of tribal law, specifically in New Mexico. Brittany joined the Tribal Law Journal to gain a better understanding of tribal law and its importance in practicing law... Continue Reading →

Symposium Co-Editor: Cari Neill

Cari Neill is a 3L at the UNM School of Law and has focused her studies on environmental and Indian law and is one of the few students to earn both the Natural Resources Certificate and the Indian Law Certificate. Cari is most interested in the intersection of environmental law, Indian law, and civil rights,... Continue Reading →

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