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Citations Editor: Paige Diem

Paige Diem, a third-year law student, has been selected to be the Citations Editor for the Tribal Law Journal in the 2019-2020 school year. Prior to law school, Paige acquired a bachelor’s in fine arts with a focus in metal sculpture and worked for a Santa Fe art gallery as a Program Coordinator for three years. Paige continues to weld metal sculpture today. The creativity she has developed with her background in art allows her to bring a unique perspective on the law. She is passionate about helping others find their own voice.

Paige is also the Vice President of Lambda at UNM SOL. She has lived in New Mexico for fourteen years and has a deep respect for the legal systems, traditions and history of various tribes in New Mexico and beyond. Participation in the Tribal Law Journal continues to enrich Paige’s life through friendships and engaging research. She is proud to be part of the Tribal Law Journal team and honored to act as Citations Editor in her second year on the journal.

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