Managing Editor: Ernestine Chaco

Ya’at’eeh. To’ahani Nishli. Haaltsooi bashishchiin. Nakaii Dine’e dashicheii. Kinyaa’aani dashinali. Hello. I am Near-the-Water born for the Meadow People. My maternal grandfather is of the Mexican Clan. My paternal grandfather is of the Towering House clan. This is how we, the Navajo, introduce ourselves. I am from Standing Rock, NM with a population of 400 people. Standing Rock is about one hour north of Gallup, NM. I have deep rez roots; I grew up hauling wood and water, and fixing cars with my dad. My mom bought me an encyclopedia set from the 1950s. As a child, I devoured those books. I have always loved reading and science. Attending law school and medical school was a natural step for me.  I specifically chose to go to UNM law school to learn about tribal and federal Indian law.  I am fortunate that I participated in the Tribal Law Journal. It is important that we continue to foster the growth of Indian law scholarship. I am even more thankful for Professor Zuni-Cruz’s mentorship.

I am currently a 2L.  I will be the managing editor for the Tribal Law Journal next year. I am also a Doctor of Medicine candidate at UC Davis School of Medicine and will graduate in 2020. I hold a Master of Science in Medical Sciences from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and a BA in Chemistry from Swarthmore College.


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