Tribal Court Handbook Editor: Lyman Paul

Lyman is from the Ramah Navajo reservation, which is located near the El Morro National monument, south of the Zuni Mountains. Lyman will be a 3L in Fall of 2018 and is expected to graduate in May of 2019. Lyman will hold the position of Tribal Court Handbook Editor. Lyman joined TLJ because of his interest in Indian Law and its application in federal, state, and tribal arenas. Plus, Lyman likes that TLJ exposes its members to the other areas of Tribal law, such as the Maori Culture in New Zealand or the Pueblo justice systems. Lyman is impressed by TLJ because it exposed him to not only tribal law, but also tribal law practitioners. He had a wonderful time helping with the 50-Year Indian Civil Rights Act Symposium. In addition, Lyman was impressed by the curriculum taught in the Law of Indigenous Peoples (“LIP”) class, because he learned about the applicability of oral traditions and customs. Using what he learned in LIP, he was better able to understand the journal articles he was editing. Next year Lyman is looking forward to learning more about Tribal Law and its applications in Indian country, as well as meeting new TLJ members.


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