Symposium Co-Editor: Cari Neill

Cari PhotoCari Neill is a 3L at the UNM School of Law and has focused her studies on environmental and Indian law and is one of the few students to earn both the Natural Resources Certificate and the Indian Law Certificate. Cari is most interested in the intersection of environmental law, Indian law, and civil rights, and is passionate about helping people whose access to justice is limited. Cari graduates in May of 2018 and hopes to assist tribal communities in asserting their rights to necessary natural resources such as clean water and clean air as well as helping those communities protect their lands, sovereignty, and traditions.

Cari joined the Tribal Law Journal in the fall of her 3L year and was excited to join the team of amazing people who had already been working on the Journal. Being a part of the journal gave Cari the opportunity not only to improve her writing, editing, and citation skills, but also gave her connections and friendships she might not have had the opportunity to make otherwise. Cari was given the opportunity to work with Brittany Edwards as the ICRA Symposium Co-Editor in the spring, and was impressed with the amount of work the journal staff and other editors put in to making the symposium a success. Being part of the Tribal Law Journal truly added to the sense of community felt at UNMSOL and will stand out in memories as one of the best experiences of Cari’s law school career.


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